Let’s Go to the Ocean!

Let's Go to the Ocean!

Let's Go to the Ocean!

Frankly, here in the midwest it’s too early to even be thinking about heading to the swimming pool!  But it’s been so rainy and gloomy, I just had to make something to perk me up.   The result is this lovely jewelry set entitled “Ocean”.  It is composed of different shades of aquamarine set in silver.  The set consists of the necklace, earrings, and bangles.  As always, there are two necklaces – one that attaches to the chest and one that attaches to the spine – to give you more options.  The bangles attach to either the right arm or left arm (or both if you wish).  The set includes each individual bangle, as well as all three linked together.  The pieces are also available separately.  I hope you have as much fun wearing them as I did making them!  🙂


About Stargem Winkler

I am a master jeweler in Second Life. My store is called "Stars!". I make men's and women's jewelry, and specialize in cut gems and gemstones. I also do custom work, so please don't hesitate to ask.

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