Monthly Archives: May 2011

Here’s One for the Guys

I’m sorry, guys. I realized I haven’t been keeping up with new stuff for you. So here’s a new necklace called Gerald. It is made of black onyx and malachite stones. Hope you enjoy it!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone. And please be safe!

Hugs, Star




Bonkers for Bangles!

Well, the title pretty much sums it up!  I had so much fun making those bangles last week that I couldn’t stop.  So now we have 3 more sets.  Once again, there are two linked versions in each box – one is symmetrical and the other one is asymmetrical (which is a little more natural looking).  In addition to these, each separate bangle is in the box so you can wear it by itself if you wish.  And everything can be worn either on the left forearm or the right forearm.  Hope you enjoy these and have fun wearing them!!  And I promise there won’t be any bangles next week.  🙂

Take care,  Star

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