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Should I Reintroduce Myself?

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for being absent for so long.  Suffice it to say that RL has been a little physically challenging for the last 6 months.  Ok, enough excuses.  Let’s get on with new releases and lots of pictures!

I am releasing two new sets this weekend for an introductory price of L$60.  They contain a necklace and earrings and are very similar – one set is just a little more elaborate than the other set.  This week I’m releasing the cool colors (amethyst, pink sapphire, and blue sapphire).  They will be on sale until Wednesday of next week, at which time they go to the original price and I set out the warm colors at the introductory price.

Here are the pictures:

Sapphire Blooms       Sapphire Bloomettes

Pink Sapphire Blooms       Pink Sapphire Bloomettes

Amethyst Blooms       Amethyst Bloomettes

Since I’m late in getting this posted, I will leave this past week’s cool colors of the Blooms and Bloomettes sets at their introductory price of L$60 per set. I will be adding the warm colors to this sale as well. Their pictures are below:

Alexandrite Blooms       Alexandrite Bloomettes

Topaz Blooms       Topaz Bloomettes

Garnet Blooms       Garnett Bloomettes

I hope to get to meet you sometime this week when you come to Stars! for the sale. In the mean time, take care and have a great week!



Under the Sea

Hey Everybody!  Grab your snorkel and head on over to Stars! to see my new collection – Under the Sea.  There are 4 sets in this collection:  Ariel, Coral Reef, Sand Castle, and Surf.  Each complete set is being sold at an introductory price of L$60 from July 1 – July 5.

Under the Sea Collection

Sand Castle Set

Under the Sea Collection

Coral Reef Set

Under the Sea Collection

Surf Set

Under the Sea Collection

I’ve also added some new sets to the pearl section.  This collection is called Nashina.  Each set consists of a double strand choker with a crystal suspended from the center of the necklace.  The matching earrings are made from pearls with a crystal suspended from the end of the earrings.  I think you will enjoy these sets.

Nashina (light blue)

Nashina (pink)

Nashina (white)

I’d better let you all get back to your weekend.  Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Hugs, Star

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